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Flying Ant

In Summary:


Age Group:

Junior Sailors


A 2-person skiff with a fast and refined hull shape and modern skiff sail and rig design.

Age & Weight Range For The Flying Ant Class:

The ideal age for the Flying Ant class is approximately 8-16 years old. The combined weight range for the Flying Ant skiff is 80kg to 110kg.

Young woman navigating a Flying Ant in the sea

About the Flying Ant Class

Flying Ant is a fantastic intermediate option for young sailors, designed in NZ and most prominent right here in WA. Its modern and speedy design makes the Ant an excellent hands-on training boat for juniors who’ve developed their basic sailing skill and are eager for a true racing experience. The Flying Ant helps junior sailors learn and master the skills required to ultimately sail a 29er skiff.

Features & Benefits of the Flying Ant Skiff

The Flying Ant is a 3.2m long double-handed sailing skiff with a sloop rig, made up of main, jib and spinnaker, and the crew on trapeze.

The Flying Ant is designed to offer a thrilling sailing experience for two-person crews, developing teamwork skills for junior sailors as well as hands-on technique.  The Flying Ant’s high-performance hull shape makes it a great intermediate dinghy for young sailors and the perfect introduction to performance skiff sailing.

The Flying Ant ticks all the boxes when it comes to training for higher performance dinghies – the design is safe, self-draining and easy to handle, while still performing like many of the bigger boats when out on the water.

Racing in the Flying Ant

The Flying Ant is firmly entrenched in Australian sailing, with state and national class associations holding seasonal zone, state and Australian championships.

About The Flying Ant Class



3.2 m


1.295 m

Min. weight

40.9 kg



4.9 sq.m


1.9 sq.m


4.1 sq.m



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Flying Ant Class Events in WA & Interstate

Upcoming Flying Ant class events:

Flying Ant events in Australia

Mounts Bay Sailing club hosts many prominent Flying Ant events in WA, including both state and national Flying Ant championships.

Flying Ant Class Website & Organisations

Flying Ant Fleet in Perth – Mounts Bay Sailing Club

At Mounts Bay Sailing Club, we welcome new members to join our Flying Ant Fleet, whether that’s sailing your Flying Ant in our family-friendly Twilight Sailing or weekend racing events or participating in any of our junior training programs.

We offer both ‘learn to sail’ courses for kids and our regular Learning & Development program, running on regular weeknights throughout the sailing season and as school holiday courses.

The Flying Ant is the perfect dinghy for junior sailors with some experience and skills development, helping them to progress their skills through our Learning & Development pathway.  The Flying Ant is introduced for our Competition Squad juniors, along with the single-handed O’Pen Bic.

At Mounts Bay kids can use our Flying Ant fleet for training purposes, included in junior membership or course fees.

Interested in sailing a Flying Ant in Perth? Get in touch with MBSC’s sailing development officer to find out how we can get your young sailor out on the Swan River in our Flying Ant Fleet.


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