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O’PEN Skiff (Formerly O'PEN Bic)


Age Group:

Junior Sailors


The O’PEN Skiff is a one-handed skiff and junior training class. The key characteristics of this modern dinghy teach important sailing skills crucial to transitioning to other classes.

Age & Weight Range For The O’PEN Skiff:

Typically sailed from ages 8 to 15. The ideal weight for an O’pen Skiff is between 40-50kg, but it’s also suitable for training above and below that weight.


About the O’PEN Skiff

The O’PEN Skiff (Formerly O’PEN Bic) is designed especially for juniors, providing a crucial next step from the beginner Optimist class.

This new generation of junior sailing dinghy has generated renewed popularity of junior sailing in Australia, emulating the new-generation skiff concept – very fast and very simple. At the forefront of a dynamic and rapidly growing enthusiasm for junior sailing in Australia, the O’PEN Skiff is the idea boat for kids and teens under 15.

Features & Benefits of the O’PEN Skiff

The O’PEN skiff is a fantastic boat for junior sailors, with a 100% open design offering easy recovery in the event of a capsize. This innovative dinghy is also self-bailing, with an up-to-date and versatile rig helping kids get out on the water with a minimum of fuss.

The O’PEN Skiff offers kids a machine that’s incredibly fun, enabling them to enjoy racing on current, high-performance equipment scaled down to suit their level of development. Hundreds of sailing clubs around the world have chosen an O’PEN Skiff fleet for their juniors, offering a new, fun way of teaching vital sailing skills while providing a fantastic experience out on the water.

An adult riding a red O’PEN Skiff (formerly O'PEN Bic)

Racing in the O’PEN Skiff

The O’PEN Skiff has powered an evolution of the traditional race scene, adapting race formats and rules to provide a more accessible, fun and improvement-focused experience for kids.

O’PEN Skiff Events

For young sailors with a competitive drive, there is an ever-increasing number of national and international O’Pen Bic regattas and events, as well as state O’PEN Skiff events in WA.

O’Pen Skiff World Championships 2021

O’PEN Skiff Class Website
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Take The First Step To Getting Out On The Water

Become a mounts bay sailing club member today

O’PEN Skiff Fleet in Perth – Mounts Bay Sailing Club

At Mounts Bay Sailing Club, we welcome new members to join our O’PEN Skiff Fleet, whether that’s sailing your O’Pen Skiff in our Twilight Sailing or weekend racing event or participating in any of our junior training programs.

We offer both ‘learn to sail’ courses for kids and our regular Learning & Development program, running on regular weeknights throughout the sailing season and as school holiday courses.

The O’PEN Skiff dinghy is our selection for the ‘Race Ready Squad’ stage of our sailing Learning & Development program. The O’pen Skiff is ideal for the fast fun-packed drills and is the primary class in this program, keeping our junior program fresh and exciting while also focusing on transferrable skills development.

Interested in sailing an O’Pen Skiff in Perth? Get in touch with MBSC’s sailing development officer to find out how we can get your young sailor out on the Swan River in an O’Pen Skiff.

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