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An adult 3-person boat that is renowned for its competitive racing and vibrant social scene.

Age & Weight Range For The Sharpie Class:

Typically sailed from 18 years and older, with a crew of three people. This allows for combinations of different weights, sizes and genders to successfully sail a Sharpie. A taller or larger front person on trapeze certainly helps extract maximum performance out on the water.

Three adults sailing on a Sharpie on the sea

About the Sharpie Class

One of the key adult dinghy classes both in Australia and internationally today is the Lightweight Sharpie – a class with a rich history, competitive racing scene and strong community base both on and off the water.

The Sharpie is an incredibly versatile boat class, allowing sailors to race in a wide range of weather conditions, with breeze from 0 through to 30 knots. The enduring design and exceptional quality of the Sharpie makes it an accessible and affordable boat to sail, with older and second-hand vessels delivering the same performance and experience as newly built Sharpies.

Features & Benefits of the Sharpie

Australian Lightweight Sharpies are a national one design class, standing out from other sailing dinghies with its unique design and three-person capacity.

The Sharpie class originated with the 12 square metre class used in the 1956 Olympics. This older Heavyweight Sharpie was soon transformed as technology evolved, first into a marine ply model (pioneered here in Western Australia) and eventually the modern fibreglass Lightweight Sharpie.

The modern fibreglass Lightweight Sharpies of today still utilise the hard chine design that makes the Sharpie so unique. Overall evolution of this one-design boat class has included the use of larger spinnakers, digital compasses, and carbon booms and spinnaker poles.

However, Sharpie authorities have a tremendous respect for owners’ investments and permit only incremental modifications over long periods to ensure existing vessels remain competitive or can be easily retrofitted.


Racing in the Sharpie

The Sharpie delivers plenty of enthralling races for sailors and spectators alike, with an extremely close and competitive racing scene. Sharpie sailing puts an emphasis on skill, hard work and persistence.
Sharpie racing has changed little over the decades – the hull shape has remained the same for the past 60 years and the rules of competition have changed little as well demonstrating that the popularity of the Sharpie truly stands the test of time.

Sharpie Class Events in WA & Interstate

Upcoming Sharpie class sailing events:

Australian Sharpie Nationals

WA Sharpie Events

Sharpie Class Website & Organisations:

Take The First Step To Getting Out On The Water

Become a mounts bay sailing club member today

Sharpie Fleet in Perth – Mounts Bay Sailing Club

At Mounts Bay Sailing Club, we welcome new members to join our Sharpie Fleet, whether that’s sailing your Sharpie class boat in our family-friendly Twilight Sailing or weekend racing events or participating in any of our training programs.

Mounts Bay Sailing Club is renowned for its strong Sharpie fleet, offering powerful representation at state and national Sharpie regattas. Of 54 lightweight Sharpies in WA, 43% currently race out of Mounts Bay Sailing Club.

Interested in sailing a Sharpie class dinghy in Perth? Get in touch with MBSC’s sailing development officer to find out how we can get you out on the Swan River as part of our Sharpie Fleet.

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