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The Tasar high-performance sailing dinghy is an adult 2 person International one-design boat that is renowned for its competitive racing and friendly vibe.

Age & Weight Range For The Tasar Class:

Typically sailed by a man and woman team of any age (from 15 years and up). Total crew weight should ideally be around 130kg to 150kg.

Two aduts navigating a tasar on the sea and a floating orange buoy

About the Tasar Class

The Tasar is a 4.5 m high-performance sailing dinghy, designed to be sailed and raced by a man and a woman. A lightweight, low drag, planing hull, a rotating mast, and a jib and fully battened mainsail with efficient sail controls provide exhilarating sailing without the need for spinnaker or trapeze.

Many of the world’s top sailors have at some stage trained or raced in a Tasar, and the class remains popular with all kinds of sailing enthusiasts, particularly those who love being out on the water with their family.

Many of the two-person crews who sail the Tasar include fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, husbands and wives, as well as friends and other relatives.

Features & Benefits of the Tasar

One of the key benefits of the Tasar boat is its simplicity. The rigging is fairly straightforward and needs little adjustment to be suited to all conditions out on the water. By focusing on the sailing experience and streamlining set-up, the Tasar dinghy encourages crews to embrace the moment rather than being hung up on the technicalities of correct rigging.

A number of design changes were recently made to the Tasar, intended to simplify the  construction process and fortify the hull. These changes include the removal of handholds and redistribution of weight around the hull. The introduction of a solid shaped centreboard case is designed to add extra durability and should not impact performance of the boat.

A bunch of tasar boats and their sailors in the sea

More of the Tasar...


F.D.Bethwaite, assisted by I.B.Bruce


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Racing in the Tasar dinghy

The WA Tasar group has a fantastic family-oriented atmosphere, with an active rotation of regattas and sailing events. Crews are primarily parent-and-child or couple / husband-and-wife teams.

Class Events in WA & Interstate

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Take The First Step To Getting Out On The Water

Become a mounts bay sailing club member today

Tasar Fleet in Perth – Mounts Bay Sailing Club

At Mounts Bay Sailing Club, we welcome new members to join our Tasar Fleet, whether that’s sailing your Tasar dinghy in our family-friendly Twilight Sailing or weekend racing events or participating in any of our training programs.

The first Tasar fleet at Mounts Bay Sailing Club kicked off in the 1980s, one of the first sailing clubs in Perth to embrace the many benefits of the Tasar class. The 2010s saw a resurgence in our Tasar fleet, with our Tasar numbers growing dramatically in 2013.

The 2015 World Championships hosted in Busselton renewed WA’s enthusiasm for Tasar sailing, and the Tasar fleet at Mounts Bay Sailing Club continues to gain momentum. MBSC has also hosted WA’s Tasar state championships.

Interested in sailing a Tasar dinghy in Perth? Get in touch with MBSC’s sailing development officer to find out how we can get you out on the Swan River as part of our Tasar Fleet.

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