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Windsurfer LT

In Summary:


Age Group:

Junior & Adult


The primary focus of the Windsurfer LT is having fun. Whether you are learning, cruising or wanting to race the Windsurfer is the perfect platform. Without a rudder, the Windsurfer is also a fantastic tool for teaching “feel” for sailing for the competitive sailor.

Age & Weight Range For The Windsurfer LT Class:

All ages from 13 years and up. Ideal weight range is between 50-100kg.


About the Windsurfer LT Class

The Windsurfer was first created in 1968 and skyrocketed onto the international sailing scene. As the first mass-produced sailboard, original Windsurfer numbers totalled more than 400,000 – still the largest sailing class ever to exist.

The story of the Windsurfer once again hit a turning point with the adoption of the new ‘LT’ board in 2018. The new board transforms the Windsurfer class to suit the modern era of sailing, using a lightweight epoxy hull with enhanced volume. Delivering the best value for money and improved performance, the LT makes it easier than ever for enthusiasts to start windsurfing.

Features & Benefits of the Windsurfer LT

One board, one sail, one mast, one boom, one fin – nothing to add, no more to spend. As a one-design class, the Windsurfer LT keeps the focus on skills and tactics, providing a level playing field for passionate Australian windsurfers to take home the top prizes. Of course, the Windsurfer class has always been designed to offer maximum thrills and a user-friendly experience, as well as keeping equipment expenses low compared to other sailing classes.
All versions of the Windsurfer remain class legal for events, including the Windsurfer LT, Windsurfer One Design and Windsurfer Original.








229 litres


15 kilograms


Cobra International

A kid trying out a Windsurfer LT on land with a bunch of kids on the side and a trainer

Windsurfer LT Racing

Windsurfer regattas and racing events are held at sailing clubs throughout Australia, with State and National Championships held on an annual basis. There are four key disciplines involved in Windsurfer LT racing:

Take The First Step To Getting Out On The Water

Become a mounts bay sailing club member today

Windsurfer LT Fleet in Perth – Mounts Bay Sailing Club

At Mounts Bay Sailing Club, we welcome new members to join our Windsurfer LT Fleet. Join in for casual sailing at our Windsurf & Wine events or family-friendly Twilight Sailing. If you’re looking for something more competitive, our club Windsurfer sailing sessions and weekend racing events offer world-class competition right here in WA.

The tranquil waters and strong breezes of the Swan River are perfect for experienced windsurfers and beginners alike. Mounts Bay Sailing Club even offers a ‘learn to windsurf’ course for adults who’d like a friendly environment to learn the basics.

MBSC has always been at the forefront of windsurfing in Perth, and our Windsurfer LT fleet continues to thrive. Our Sunday windsurfing sessions often see over 20 Windsurfers out on the course. The Windsurfer Worlds have been deferred to 2022/23 but will still be hosted at Mounts Bay Sailing Club. MBSC is the place to be for all Perth windsurfers, from experts to beginners. Regular racing, onsite lock up board storage and an emphasis on fun windsurfing makes joining MBSC for Windsurfer LT Racing a no brainer.

Interested in sailing a Windsurfer LT in Perth? Get in touch with MBSC’s sailing development officer to find out how we can get you out on the Swan River as part of our Windsurfer LT Fleet.

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