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MBSC Newsletter – 15 March 2023


Mounts Bay Sailing Club – Australia II Drive, Crawley, Western Australia, 6061

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The Chook report- Cock of The Swan & Three Of A Kind
Reporter: Hei Hei the chicken.
This week at MBSC will see the cock of this one and three of a kind regatta I spoke with MBSC legend Scott Gaskin to find out more on the history of these events
Hi Scott can this chicken be declared unilaterally as cock of the swan? Err.. No. The Cock of the Swan was/ is not limited by class rules – anything goes.  I won once in the 16 with 3 trapeses and an 18 spinnaker, when 16s only had two trapeses. John Muhling in the 70’s used two trapeses and a Soling kite on his Sharpie Bold lady. The only rule is you must be registered with a Swan river Club
The history of the vent goes back to keelboats racing each other and the dinghies. Keelboats like Panamuna and Unamara, then Rolly Tasker’s Siskas and Jack Cassidy’s Evelyns, in the 80s it was the likes of Peter Milner in his Prime yachts. As the dinghies got faster, the keelboats dropped out.
Over the years other classes just dropped out declaring they were not fast enough. In the late 80’s the Swan Brewery sponsored the event and to get more numbers they gave a 6 pack of beer per boat to any classes who could get 6 boats then a carton for the fastest in each class. That revived the numbers.
What was it Like “In the mid 70s’ the 18s would win – when they were introduced. In the 80s and 90s without the 18s it became a race mainly between the 14s and 16s. In the 2000s it was won more by the 49ers and 14s. Then with the short revival of the 18s – they won. Since then it has been all about the moths. No class can compete with them”
Tell me about the three of a kind, was there a breeding programme? ….” The 3 of a Kind started as just that – 3 of each kind of yacht racing against each other on a yardstick. At the time there was only the VYA (Victorian) yardstick – which didn’t include skiffs and a number of other classes which didn’t race in Victoria. After a couple of years and with how the boats were finishing YAWA came up with their own yardstick which was a lot more accurate than the VYA. At the time being selected to represent your class was a big thing. The inter class rivalry was intense. When boats failed to finish it obviously penalised the team, so they introduced a 4th boat – but only the first 3 in each class across the line were counted.”
I then spoke to Larry Smith, Rear Commodores styling at MBSC, “I think you meant sailing hei hei” After what you were wearing last week?, “…. yeah fair call” How can people enter the cock of the swan or three of a kind? “Entry is free, and people can register their teams on our website at “
I hear the event is going to be livestreamed to the club bar? “Yes that’s the plan it should be a great day.”

Mounts Bay Sailing Club – 3 of a Kind Regatta 
Afternoon Tea – Share Platters $35 each 


We are seeking additional support personnel for this weekends Cock of Swan and 3 of a Kind regattas that is a day of celebrating Sailing down the Bay. Please reach out to if you are available to assist in any capacity.

The club has been made aware of the recent passing of Evelyn Cassidy aged 97. We would like to send out sincere condolences to all family and friends at this time. Evelyn’s involvement at the club through itss history is remarkable and a tribute to her involvement with us will be forthcoming in an upcoming edition.

Congratulations to Andrew Chuk (Friday) and Sandra Davidson (Sunday) on taking home last week’s jackpot. 

MBSC Boy Band has been rescheduled to the 24th of March!
Lock this one in the calendar!

Thank you to all those that participated in this year’s ‘High Tea at The Bay’.
See you next year!
Congratulations to Sean Wallis driving AUS 71 and winning the 2023 Australian International One Meter Class Regatta.
Watch the action here. 






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